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Caricatures by Carrie

Back in February 2010, I used to work as a housekeeper at a local inn. A big Valentine’s Day dance was being planned, and one of the managers asked if I would be interested in drawing caricatures at the party. They had seen my doodles around, and thought I might have a knack for it. At that time, I had never drawn a caricature before in all my life, so I was nervous to say the least. Regardless, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

The night ended up being a success, and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue drawing caricatures at other events! Since then, I’ve drawn at numerous farmer’s markets, birthday parties, family reunions and even some weddings!

Every event brings new faces, new smiles and new stories to encounter. It makes me happy when people walk away happy, holding one of my caricatures. I hope sometime soon I can be a part of your event, and make you and your guests happy as well!

Caricatures are made with marker on 11″x14″ paper, focusing on the head and shoulders. 10-15 caricatures can be drawn within an hour. Carrie’s caricatures are flattering, not insulting and fun for everyone!

You can also commission Carrie to make a caricature from a photo! Carrie works within upper and central New York state.